On-Line Parenting Inquiry Groups

Presented by:
Caroline Pietrangelo Owens | Reesa Porter

Purpose of the Group:

This online group is for those interested in working with personal issues that arise while caring for children. You will learn and practice the skills of open-ended inquiry, meditation, and body sensing practice. In time, group trust and mutual support are established, providing support for your personal work.

By participating in an Online Parenting Inquiry group, you are likely to:

  • Find a safe space in which to be present to the truth of your own experience

  • Recognize historical patterns and triggers from your own childhood

  • Explore feelings that surface while being with your children/grandchildren

  • Become more present and less judgmental of yourself as a parent

  • Feel the support of other parents working along-side you in the group

  • Discover how parenting can be a path to ‘Spiritual Awakening’

Who should sign up? 

Parents, stepparents, grandparents, mothers, fathers, expecting parents, anyone who cares for children


We will arrange convenient dates and times that work for everyone.  Groups are limited to 8 people. Detailed information and logistics will be provided when group dates are scheduled.


$280 per person for the 6-month series. Groups meet once a month.
(The fee is to be paid when the groups begin unless you make another arrangement with the teacher.)

Contact Us:
Caroline Pietrangelo Owens, caroline.powens@gmail.com
Reesa Porter: reesaporter@gmail.com

"Connecting more deeply with ourselves fosters deeper connections with our children."