Testimonials from Mothers


Working in a small group of mothers with Joyce has been an absolute lifeline for me during the first turbulent months of being a parent. It's offered me a safe and holding space in which to be present to the truth of my own experience, and I've found that the more compassionate I can be with myself and my truth, the more compassionate and present I'm able to be with my daughter. Parenting has brought up some really challenging and uncomfortable feelings and responses in me, and personal inquiry has helped me to step back and see those patterns and triggers more clearly, as well as become more sensitive to myself and to my daughter. 


I deeply appreciate my precious time in this group. Joyce is incredibly loving, warm, wise and compassionate, and hugely experienced as a mother and grandmother. I also feel touched by the exquisite holding of the other mothers, from whom I've learned so much - sometimes it feels as though we're all doing our personal work on behalf of everyone in the group. Motherhood can be isolating, and it's nourished me to be able to share the experience with other women in the work. For anyone longing to be more present as a parent, and bring the work more fully into their lives, I cannot recommend Joyce's parenting teaching more highly!


– Sara



I have found inquiring with Joyce and the other mothers to be immensely supportive. Parenting can sometimes be a lonely and painful process, and the deep, supportive and loving space has been a lifeline. And, we don't just share the lows together, we also celebrate the highs!


Joyce’s gentle holding and guiding has deepened my interest and love of understanding of who I am as a unique individual and as a mother. I feel much closer to myself nowadays. I see how much my inner critical voice gets in the way and keeps me and my children in a tight hold. 


Joyce’s skillful and loving guidance has helped me to see this with compassion and loving kindness - which I have realized takes me closer to my deeper self and presence. I feel let off the hook. What a gift this work is for us and our children. 


– Tania



The mama’s inquiry group has been a life saver for me. It has been incredibly helpful to have a safe space where I can bring all of who I am as a person and a mother. Working in the group has made a huge difference in how I feel as a parent, I feel more able to notice my patterns, to remember to breathe and sense even in tricky situations, and to notice my inner critical voice when it tries to come in. I feel more present with my children and less judgmental of myself. The other huge impact it has had for me is through witnessing the other mothers’ work. I have been touched and honored to witness their work, and also it helps to know I’m not alone in my struggles as there are so many commonalities between us. I look forward to our meetings and leave feeling nourished, refreshed and inspired. 


– Heather



I am enormously grateful to Joyce for our monthly Mamas meeting. They are truly a lifeline! Nothing has activated my inner critical voice like becoming a mother; working with Joyce and witnessing others is slowly helping me accept myself and the kind of mother I am and can be, not the idealized, superhuman one my inner critic demands. It has also brought up so much from my childhood.  Joyce’s love, holding, wisdom and guidance has been so valuable as I try to re-parent myself! Our time together is deeply nourishing, supportive, insightful and it is wonderful to connect deeply with mothers going through similar struggles. Joyce has so much to offer and we all feel so extremely blessed to have her lead our group. 


– Suzanne from UK