• Joyce Lyke

Video Blog: What Activities Help You to Stay Present?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Parenting can be seen as a 'spiritual practice' just like a meditation practice.

Successful, conscious parenting, first and foremost, is about being present. This means being present within yourself, noticing what is going on for you as the parent, as well as being present for your child. What is going on for them?

Moment to moment awareness is key to any 'practice'.

Just like meditation practice; you follow your breath, stay focused and present with what is occurring, bringing mindfulness to each moment. This can also be an active part of our parenting, bringing more awareness to any activity you do with your children.

Make parenting like a meditation practice, and this will help you awaken to the moment, helping you to become better and a more conscious and aware parent.

Warm Blessings from Joyce

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