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Video Blog: I'm Not Getting Anything Done, Playing with Blocks!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

As parents, life can seem like a series of tasks, or one long “to do” list, with little room for other pursuits.

Our children want and deserve our undivided attention but when we are busy with other things, it’s challenging to focus on being present with them.

Children know they are precious and valued when we give them our undivided loving attention. When we choose to make parenting our spiritual practice this naturally opens up the moment with ourselves and with our children to a deeper sense of Presence.

Child playing with blocks

All spiritual traditions teach that being in the moment is what opens the door to being Awake. Why not make this our practice as parents? To be present for our children in a way that fosters awareness and Presence.

The Doorway to Presence

Doing simple tasks with them, i.e., painting, playing with play dough, playing cards, cooking, reading a book, playing make-believe games, can be done with full attention and awareness. Being aware of ourselves and being aware of our children simultaneously is the doorway to Presence. It is not that different from a meditation practice in a great Buddha hall.

Warm Blessings from Joyce

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