• Joyce Lyke

Video Blog: Presence Is Our Birthright

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Children are naturally in touch with Presence. When they are born and the first few years of life, 'Presence' is foreground in their experience. We can witness this in children; a freshness, an aliveness, a brightness in their eyes, and a willful and curious spirit. Their capacity to be present in the moment is what naturally brings forth this Presence.

Over time, their personality begins to develop, and this, in turn, begins to cover over these pure qualities of Essence/Presence. Parenting to Awakening offers self-remembering practices to help adults retrieve these essential qualities that were present when they were young.

We teach parents and caregivers of children to recognize various qualities of Presence in their children. This is the awakening that happens for both parents and children through this path of conscious parenting.

Warm Blessings from Joyce

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